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Narrative Feature | Malaysia/Taiwan/Singapore/France/Germany/The Netherlands/Indonesia/Qatar | 2023 | Malay | 95 minutes

When rebellious and carefree 12-year-old Zaffan (Zafreen Zairizal) becomes the first of her friends to experience puberty, she discovers a terrifying secret about her body. Undergoing horrifying, surreal physical changes, she quickly becomes ostracized from her former friends and her rural Muslim Malaysian community. To fight back, Zaffan must embrace the body she fears, revealing the entirety of her wrath, rage, and beauty. Winner of the Critics Week Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, first-time director Amanda Nell Eu plays in the space of myths and folktales to tell a personal, empowering story dissecting the horrors and triumphs of coming of age in a woman’s body. A Dark Star Pictures release.

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East Hampton Regal UA

Oct 07

Oct 09

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