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World Premiere

Narrative Feature | USA | 2023 | English/Spanish | 85 minutes

Burgeoning muralist Jay (Billy Mayorga Reyes) lives in Brentwood, NY, where his neighborhood of Salvadoran immigrants offers a rich tapestry of stories, traditions, and perspectives that have often been marginalized and overlooked. At age 15, he is involved in a local youth program aimed at both healing generational trauma and combating the lure of gang violence. While his survival depends on street smarts, his loving single mother (Carla Vila) uses tough love to keep him on the right path. A heartfelt debut from director Junior Gonzalez, THESE DAYS is a thoughtful, moving docudrama portrait of a vibrant Long Island community, as seen through the eyes of a promising young artist.


Scheduled to attend: Junior Gonzalez, Johnny Kilduff, Victor Perez, Carla Vila, Robert Ascencio

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