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World Premiere

Documentary Feature | Japan | 2023 | English | 85 minutes

In 2001, 85,000 baby teeth were discovered in Missouri, collected 50 years earlier in a study on the radioactive consequences of nuclear testing conducted on US soil. Carried by the wind, radioactive material produced by more than 100 nuclear explosions contaminated pastures, vegetables and water across the continent. Scientists and mothers in St. Louis, who launched the ambitious project to measure Strontium 90 in baby teeth, uncovered the disturbing environmental consequences of nuclear arms testing. Featuring narration from Alec Baldwin, director Hideaki Ito unveils the shocking legacy of nuclear testing in the US and the ongoing policy decisions shaping our future.


Following the film, Alec Baldwin will join noted journalist and author Karl Grossman and others to discuss today’s use of nuclear power and its effects on our environment.

Also scheduled to attend: Hideaki Ito

Air, Land + Sea began from an idea brought to us by Nicole Delma. 

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