Documentary Feature
Conflict & Resolution
95 min
First-time director Sara Nodjoumi teams with her husband and co-director Till Schauder to uncover the story of her father, seminal modern artist Nickzad “Nicky” Nodjoumi, who fled Iran after the vandalization of his 1980 exhibition criticizing the Iranian Revolution. Decades later, with Iran once again embroiled in protests,…
Directed By Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Documentary Feature
Conflict & Resolution
115 min
Courageous South Korean pastor Seungeun Kim acts as a guide for those risking their lives to flee the oppression of North Korea, a land they grew up believing was a paradise. When a family of five—including small children and an elderly grandmother—contacts Kim for help, he embarks with them on a treacherous journey into the…
Directed By Madeleine Gavin
Narrative Feature
World Cinema Narrative
147 min
Three-time Academy Award® nominee Agnieszka Holland's (THE SECRET GARDEN, EUROPA EUROPA) eye-opening new feature immerses audiences in the dangers faced by asylum seekers along European borders while reflecting the moral choices that fall to ordinary people every day. Set in the treacherous forests that make up the so-called…
Directed By Agnieszka Holland
Documentary Short
Short Films
32 min
Over the course of two years, Elisabeth Epps works to abolish cash bail in Colorado and put an end to the criminalization of…
Directed By Geeta Gandbhir, Samantha (Sam) Knowles
Documentary Feature
Conflict & Resolution
85 min
With unprecedented access to Taiwan’s sitting head of state, director Vanessa Hope investigates the election and tenure of Tsai Ing-wen, the first female president of Taiwan. Thorough, incisive and bristling with tension, INVISIBLE NATION is a living account of Tsai’s tightrope walk as she balances the hopes and dreams of her…
Directed By Vanessa Hope
Documentary Feature
Conflict & Resolution
73 min
East Coast Premiere
Esteemed documentarian Hilla Medalia (TO DIE IN JERUSALEM, DANCING IN JAFFA) returns to HIFF with her newest work, which follows the fates of three Israeli and Palestinian families intertwined by a vicious cycle of violence in the city of Lod, Israel. In depicting the complex mixture of anger, grief, love and forgiveness that…
Directed By Hilla Medalia
Narrative Short
Short Films
16 min
New York Premiere
Accompanied by her best friend, pregnant Layal drives through the night to a clandestine abortion clinic in present-day…
Directed By Remi Itani
Documentary Feature
Documentary Competition
98 min
The gender fluidity of the eponymous hero/heroine of Virginia Woolf’s ''Orlando: A Biography'' has inspired readers for almost a century. Taking Woolf’s novel as his starting point, academic virtuoso-turned-filmmaker Paul B. Preciado mixes personal essay, historical analysis, and social manifesto. In his brilliant Berlinale…
Directed By Paul B. Preciado
Documentary Feature
World Cinema Documentary
97 min
US Premiere
PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON is a chilling political docu-thriller that reveals the power and influence of U.S. fundamentalist Evangelicals as they aim to fulfill the prophecy of a Holy War that will trigger the Second Coming of Christ. Award-winning director Tonje Hessen Schei (iHUMAN, DRONE) gains unprecedented access to…
Directed By Tonje Hessen Schei, Michael Rowley
Documentary Feature
World Cinema Documentary
77 min
In this rousing and intimate look at the war in Ukraine, executive produced by Liev Schreiber, the conflict is seen through the eyes of Ukrainian artists who remain in their country to make art as a defiant act in the face of aggression. Using live music performance, painting, street art, and the act of filmmaking itself, David…
Directed By David Gutnik