Compassion Justice & Animal Rights
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US Premiere

Documentary Feature | USA | 2023 | English | 72 minutes

Unable to come to terms with the cruelty of animal agriculture, former Texas cattle rancher Renee King-Sonnen goes vegan, transforming her husband's beef operation into an animal sanctuary. When their story goes viral, she realizes her true calling: helping farmers transition to a more sustainable and financially-viable, plant-based agriculture. Centering the personalities of former ranchers and the animals they care for, Jason Goldman’s feature debut ROWDY GIRL is an honest and compelling study challenging the normalized violence against animals within food culture. This captivating documentary showcases the inspiring work of an activist building common ground between farmers and vegans in a shared mission of compassion and sustainability.


Scheduled to attend: Jason Goldman (both screenings), Renee King-Sonnen (October 11)
Both screenings of ROWDY GIRL are accessible to those with auditory impairments. Learn more.

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