A FANTASTIC WOMAN “Una Mujer Fantástica”
Narrative Feature | 103 minutes

HIFF 2017

World Cinema

This film played at HIFF 2017
on 10/6/17 and 10/7/17


Directed by
Sebastián Lelio

Produced by
Juan de Duios Larraín
Pablo Larraín
Sebastián Lelio
Gonzalo Maza

Written by
Sebastián Lelio
Gonzalo Maza

Daniela Vega
Francisco Reyes
Luis Gnecco
Aline Kuppenheim
Nicolas Saavedra

Presented by

East Coast Premiere

2017 | Spanish | Chile

A shatteringly intimate and nuanced performance from newcomer Daniela Vega anchors Chilean director Sebastián Lelio’s latest film, A FANTASTIC WOMAN. In this Hitchcockian drama, transgender woman Marina (Vega) and Orlando (Francisco Reyes) are in love and are planning to spend the rest of their lives together, but when tragedy strikes, Marina finds herself unexpectedly under criminal investigation. Much like with his previous film, 2013’s GLORIA, Lelio offers a complex portrayal of a strong female character unsure how to navigate a hostile environment defined by prejudice and intolerance. Chile’s official submission for the Oscar® for Best Foreign Film.