Documentary Feature | 104 minutes

This film played at HIFF 2017
on 10/6/17 and 10/8/17


Directed by
Duane Andersen
Yung Chang
Garth Donovan
Vikram Gandhi
Raul Gasteazoro
Jamie Goncalves
Andrew Beck Grace
Alma Har'el
Daniel Junge
Alison Klayman
Ciara Lacy
Martha Shane
Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Bassam Tariq
Don Argott
Sheena M. Joyce
Petra Epperlein
Michael Tucker

Curated and Produced by Jeff Deutchman

Executive Produced by Dana O'Keefe

Sponsored By

World Premiere

2017 | English | USA

On the day of the 2016 presidential election, filmmaker Jeff Deutchman surveys the thoughts and feelings of ordinary Americans as they head to the ballot box. Told in brief vignettes from across the country and focusing on voters from every side of the political spectrum—ranging from a Sikh man and his family in New York City to a coal miner in West Virginia—the film humanizes the electorate in an age of sweeping generalizations. In its panoramic form and disparate viewpoints, 11/8/16 provides a necessary counterpoint that finds moments of common humanity within a seemingly unbridgeable divide.

> Interview with curator/producer Jeff Deutchman

Photo credit: Alma Har’el; subject Sierra Kos