Winick Talks: A NEW (VIRTUAL) Reality

Winick Talks
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Panels and Events | 60 minutes

As the tools of virtual reality have moved outside of the realm of science fiction and into our homes, the last few years have seen the rise of an entirely new visual medium. With creators continuing to work to define their role in the new media landscape, this panel will bring together project creators and virtual reality experts to examine what the future of VR means for the ways we interact with visual entertainment and the arts.

Annie Lukowski, BJ Schwartz, Bruce Vaughn, James Della Femina

Opal Hope Bennett

> Featured image: “The Hidden”
> Visit Mulford Farm on October 5-8 from 12pm-4pm to experience this compelling VR project.

Join us for food, fun, and casual conversation with exciting special guests at the Winick Talks at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton. Doors open at 9:30am; first come, first served. Free admission!

Presented by
The Gary Winick Foundation
GARY WINICK (1961-2011)

Director/producer Gary Winick premiered multiple films at HIFF, winning the Audience Award in 1999 for his drama THE TIC CODE. Throughout the early 2000s, Winick’s brainchild InDigEnd was a high-profile production company that championed low-cost, independent and digital moviemaking. A longtime supporter of the Festival, Gary considered the Hamptons his second home. The Gary Winick Memorial Fund was established to help young filmmakers hone their craft and further the art of cinema.