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World Premiere

Narrative Feature | USA | 2022 | English | 101 minutes

March 2020. With COVID-19 on the rise in NYC, self-centered hedge fund manager Phil Schreiber (Reid Scott, VEEP) escapes to the Hamptons with his wife Rosie (Jordana Brewster, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and son Max (Peter Dager) to ride out the lockdown. Their fraught situation is worsened by the unexpected arrival of Phil’s pot-smoking, Bloody Mary-swilling former college roommate, Charlie (Adam Pally, HAPPY ENDINGS). Armed with untold secrets from Phil’s murky past, Charlie inserts himself into their bubble and quickly makes himself at home. A darkly funny tale of family and friendship, Xavier Manrique’s WHO INVITED CHARLIE? hilariously chronicles the quarantine experience with humor and humanity.

This film also screens as part of the Views From Long Island section.

Scheduled to attend: Director Xavier Manrique, Screenwriter Nicholas Schutt, Producer Jason Dubin, Executive Producer David Frankel, Actors Adam Pally, Jordana Brewster, Reid Scott, Peter Dager, Rhys Coiro