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Documentary Feature | USA/Costa Rica/Tonga | 2019 | English/French/Japanese/Spanish | 99 minutes

• Winner, 2019 Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless Award”

As a lifelong defender of underwater ecosystems and the wildlife within, Paul Watson has established himself over 40 years as one of the fiercest voices in the fight for marine conservation and environmental activism. Sitting down with Captain Watson to tell the story of his life, director Lesley Chilcott charts his path from being one of Greenpeace’s original co-founders (including his contentious ousting from the organization he helped to create) to his leadership of the pirate-like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Through the use of a treasure trove of archival footage and unparalleled access, Chilcott chronicles the remarkable and inspiring story of how Watson became one of the last guardians of the sea.

A panel discussion with the director and special guests will follow the screening on October 13.

• Panelists: Lesley Chilcott, director of WATSON; Fox Deatry, Sea Shepherd

• Moderator: Donny Moss