Conflict & Resolution
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Documentary Feature | USA | 2018 | English | 260 minutes

Few moments loom larger on the collective conscious of contemporary American history than the Watergate investigation, and the subsequent resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974. Now over 40 years later, filmmaker Charles Ferguson utilizes new interviews with surviving subjects from all sides of the investigation—including reporters, prosecutors, senators, congressmen, and former members of the Nixon administration—to shine a new light on the landmark case. Following up his 2008 expose on the financial crisis INSIDE JOB, which landed him an Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature, Ferguson’s WATERGATE is a stunning, all-encompassing look at a scandal that, until recently, stood without parallel in US politics.

> PROGRAMMERS NOTE: WATERGATE will screen as a one-time special presentation in two parts, with a 15-minute intermission, and a post-screening discussion with director Charles Ferguson.