Narrative Feature | 90 minutes

HIFF 2017

 Views from Long Island

Directed by
Josh Klausner

Produced by
Barbara Romer, Erika Hampson

Written by
Josh Klausner

Tate Ellington, Tara Summers, Harris Yulin, Ronald Guttman, Dree Hemingway

2017 | English | USA

In an effort to briefly escape his humdrum life of isolation in New York City, Alex (Tate Ellington) impulsively accepts an invitation from an online acquaintance (Dree Hemingway) to house-sit at her picturesque “Enchanted Cottage” on Long Island. Despite his best attempts for a quiet weekend of relaxation, Alex suddenly finds himself lost on a surreal, all-night musical odyssey of misadventures. Filmed in and around the Hamptons area, and featuring a cast of wonderfully kooky local characters, Josh Klausner’s WANDERLAND is a madcap East End experience.