Narrative Feature | 99 minutes

HIFF 2020

 Narrative Competition

Directed by
Filippo Meneghetti

Produced by
Laurent Baujard, Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin

Written by
Malysone Bovorasmy, Filippo Meneghetti, Florence Vignon

Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier, Lea Drucker, Muriel Benazeraf, Jerome Varanfrain, Herve Sogne

2019 | French/German | France/Luxembourg/Belgium

Nina and Madeleine are two retired women living across the hall from each other. To the outside world, including Madeleine’s family, they are merely neighbors, but in reality the two have been carrying on a secret love affair for decades. When an unexpected incident intercedes in their previously blissful happiness, their carefully crafted story begins to unravel. Beautifully acted by Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier, Filippo Meneghetti’s remarkable feature film debut is an electrifying, gripping chamber piece.

Available in the Virtual Cinema:
October 9 (10am ET) through midnight on October 16

You must finish watching by midnight on Friday.

Note: This film may be viewed from anywhere in the United States.