| 15 minutes

HIFF 2018


2019 | East Hampton Library | October 11-14

A virtual reality experience by award-winning artist Laurie Anderson and co-creator Hsin-Chien Huang.

TO THE MOON uses images and tropes from Greek mythology, literature, science, science-fiction space movies, and politics to create an imaginary and dark new version of the Moon. During the 15-minute experience, the viewer is shot out from Earth, walks on the surface of the Moon, glides through space debris, flies through DNA skeletons, and is lifted up and then tossed off of a lunar mountain. Having traveled the globe—from Cannes to Venice to Hong Kong—we are so proud to share this experience from local creator Laurie Anderson with our audiences.

Virtual Reality Immersive Storytelling is open to the public at the East Hampton Library:
• Friday through Monday: 11am-4pm

No tickets required. Admission is FREE and granted on a first-come, first-served basis.