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Documentary Feature | USA | 2017 | English | 54 minutes

WINNER: 2017 Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award

A moving meditation on a man’s crisis of faith, THE LAST PIG follows Bob Comis as he concludes his last season as a pig farmer. Peppered with reflections on his decade with the pigs, farmer Bob’s introspective voiceover guides us through the changing seasons on the farm, and the images, often filmed at ground-level, merge us with the drove. Director Allison Argo masterfully gives weight to what at first appear to be mundane daily rituals, and as an ethical question swells for farmer Bob, it does for us as well. In this intimate portrayal of a man at a crossroads, we are welcomed into the sacred moment of choice.

A panel will follow the screening on October 8.

Panelists: Allison Argo, Gene Baur
Moderator: Donny Moss
> Interview with director Allison Argo