Documentary Feature | 87 minutes

HIFF 2018

 Compassion Justice & Animal Rights

Directed by
Rob Fruchtman, Steven Lawrence

Produced by
Steven Lawrence, Rob Fruchtman

Latonya "Sassee" Walker, Claire Corey, Stuart Siet, Tara Green

2018 | English | USA

Throughout the United States, an estimated 40 million cats live abandoned without a home, with over 500,000 stray or feral cats roaming the streets of New York City alone. In an effort to counter the increasingly uncontrollable issue of the city’s abandoned cat population, hundreds of animal welfare activists have taken to the streets to attempt to humanely help the animals through new techniques and adoption pushes, often at great expense to their personal lives. Following four of these volunteer activists working in Brooklyn, THE CAT RESCUERS is an eye-opening look at a too often undiscussed issue facing the city, and the courageous few doing what they can to help.

> WINNER: 2018 Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award
A panel will immediately follow the screening on 10/7; tickets to the screening provide access to screening and panel.

Moderator: Donny Moss

Panelists: Steven Lawrence, Rob Fruchtman, Zoe Kamitses, Tara Green, Jerry Rosenthal

> 5 World Premieres at HIFF 2018