Documentary Feature | 91 minutes

HIFF 2018

 World Cinema Documentary

Directed by
John Chester

Produced by
Sandra Keats, John Chester

Written by
Mark Monroe, John Chester

2018 | English | USA

In 2011, documentary filmmaker John Chester and his wife, professional chef Molly Chester, made a life-altering decision: the couple left their jobs to move to a patch of land north of Los Angeles and build a farm from the ground up. Motivated by their desire to both live a life outside of the city and provide a better life for their rescue dog Todd, the couple waded through disastrous weather, predators, and local diseases over the next seven years as they devoted themselves to the creation of Apricot Lane Farms, with John documenting every step of the way. Inspiring in its storytelling and breathtaking in its imagery, THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM is a beautiful homage to the natural world.