Narrative Feature | 95 minutes

HIFF 2018


Directed by
Tom Dolby

Produced by
Mike S. Ryan, Susanne Filkins, Tom Dolby, Abdi Nazemian

Written by
Tom Dolby, Nicole Brending, Abdi Nazemian

Lena Olin, Bruce Dern, Juliet Rylance, Avan Jogia, Catherine Curtin, Tonya Pinkins, Stefanie Powers

2019 | English | USA

• WINNER: Suffolk County Next Exposure Grant

Once a promising painter herself, Claire (Lena Olin) gave up on her own career to stand by the side of her famed abstract artist husband Richard (Bruce Dern) for over 20 years. When Richard is unexpectedly diagnosed with dementia during preparations for his latest exhibition, Claire is thrown into a crisis—suddenly torn between her husband’s erratic mood swings and the need to shield his illness from both the art community and their family. Struggling to regain control of her life, Claire takes up painting once again, and must decide whether to stay in the shadows or step into the spotlight.

• This film is also part of the Views From Long Island section