Documentary Feature | 95 minutes

HIFF 2021

 Views from Long Island

Directed by
Kelcey Edwards

Produced by
Debi Wisch, Co-Producers: Allison Berg, Susan Norget

Charles Gaines, Marc Glimcher, Anne Pasternak, Jerry Saltz, Felipe Baeza, Andrea Bowers, Sebastian ErraZuriz

2021 | English | USA

Against the backdrop of a culture in crisis, documentary filmmaker and curator Kelcey Edwards follows a diverse cast of young artists at defining moments in their careers, and explores whether the systems intended to nurture these up-and-coming creative talents are ultimately failing them instead. Simultaneously a powerful condemnation of the American art world and a love letter to those who strive to continue on in spite of extraordinary adversity, THE ART OF MAKING IT asks the question: are we at risk of losing a new generation of creative voices, or are we maybe on the verge of making art accessible to all?