TALKING ABOUT TREES “الحديث عن الأشجار”
Documentary Feature | 94 minutes

HIFF 2018

 Documentary Competition

Directed by
Suhaib Gasmelbari

Produced by
Marie Balducchi

Written by
Suhaib Gasmelbari

2019 | Arabic | France/Germany/Chad/Sudan/Qatar

WINNER: Special Jury Prize for Indomitable Spirit of Storytelling

Reunited after years in exile, Ibrahim, Soliman, Manar, and Altayeb, the members of the “Sudanese Film Club,” come together with a single mission: to bring back the now decaying grand cinema in the center of their city. Each a filmmaker in their own right after receiving their film education abroad, the four members now tirelessly work to try to overcome the overwhelming persecution and oppression facing the country’s artists to return a culture of cinema, and art, to Sudan. Intimately exploring the history of Sudanese cinema alongside the Film Club’s struggle against the many blockades in their way, TALKING ABOUT TREES looks beyond the headlines of the country’s ongoing crisis to shed light on the struggle for personal expression within it.