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Documentary Feature | USA | 2020 | Turkish | 73 minutes

Through the eyes of three canine outcasts roaming the streets of Istanbul, a city where it is illegal to euthanize stray dogs, documentarian Elizabeth Lo paints an intimate picture of the life of a city and its people. On their routine searches for food and shelter, the untethered dogs discreetly wander through the urban landscape, their gaze offering insight into the often-overlooked corners of Turkish society: loveless marriages, political protests, and refugees without sanctuary. A critical observation of the complexities of human civilization, STRAY is a sensory voyage into new ways of seeing, and an exploration of what it means to live without status or security.

Available in the Virtual Cinema:
October 9 (10am ET) through midnight on October 16

You must finish watching by midnight on Friday.

Note: This film may be viewed from anywhere in the United States.