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US Premiere

Documentary Feature | Norway | 2023 | Norwegian | 90 minutes

Using her native Norway’s dizzyingly beautiful mountain landscapes as a monumental backdrop, director Margreth Olin embarks on a yearlong existential journey, reconnecting with her aging parents as they reflect on both their long and happy marriage and their place in the natural world. As she exquisitely documents her 84-year-old father’s hikes through magnificent fjords and across glowing glaciers, he quietly bears witness to how the vast expanses of his surroundings have complemented the joys of his inner life. Executive produced by Wim Wenders and Liv Ullmann, SONGS OF EARTH is a stunning, cinematic work about life, love, death, nature and simply being present in the world. Norway’s Academy Award® submission for Best International Feature.


Scheduled to attend: director Margreth Olin

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