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Narrative Feature | South Korea/France/Cambodia/Germany/Belgium/Qatar | 2022 | French/Korean/English | 119 minutes

Mercurial and impetuous, 25-year-old Frédérique “Freddie” Benoît (Park Ji-min) impulsively returns to her motherland of South Korea for the first time since her adoption to a French family. Inexperienced with both the native language and the nuances of Korean cult​​ure, she inelegantly sets out to track down her biological parents for answers—unknowingly embarking on a turbulent, eight-year-long journey towards her own self-discovery. Featuring arrestingly sensory visuals and an electrifying performance from first-time actor Park, French-Cambodian filmmaker Davy Chou’s stunning sophomore feature is a soulful meditation on identity, personhood, and what makes a place home. A Sony Pictures Classics release.

Scheduled to attend: Director Davy Chou, Actor Park Ji-min