Documentary Feature | 91 minutes

HIFF 2017

 Documentary Competition

Directed by
Jason Kohn

Produced by
Amanda Branson Gill, Jason Kohn, Anne White, Jill Mazursky, David Styne

Nick Bollettieri

2017 | English | USA

With his notorious no-nonsense approach to coaching, Nick Bollettieri is regarded as a controversial figure in the world of tennis—but also, crucially, as a mentor with the know-how to push players to greatness. Director Jason Kohn balances the pointed questions to his subject, who remains intransigent throughout, with interviews with many of Bollettieri’s students—Boris Becker and Jim Courier among them—to shed light on the enigmatic figure. What emerges is a story of a coach fiercely determined to win at all costs, and a compelling look at what it takes to compete at the highest level.

> Interview with director Jason Kohn