Documentary Feature | 140 minutes

HIFF 2017

 Conflict & Resolution

Directed by
Ai Weiwei

Produced by
Heino Deckert, Ai Weiwei, Chin-Chin Yap

Written by
Boris Cheshirkov, Tim Finch, Chin-Chin Yap

2017 | English | Germany

Visionary artist Ai Weiwei’s haunting new documentary follows the plight of migrants displaced from their homelands by war, poverty, and climate change. A sprawling global odyssey, HUMAN FLOW was filmed in 23 countries over the course of more than a year and examines the staggering scale of a crisis that has now reached epidemic proportions. Bearing witness to the atrocious refugee experience serves as a reminder that this is not just a refugee crisis, but rather a human crisis. The end result is a stirring and poignant essay on the profound impact of migration and the different ways in which it shapes the word.