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Documentary Feature | USA | 2017 | English | 85 minutes

Moving beyond the rhetoric that frequently muddies the debate, FROM THE ASHES reflects on the United States’ long and often fraught relationship to the coal and mining industry, and ponders its uncertain future under the current administration. Balancing the conflicting perspectives of those most closely affected—one, an idealized return to the glory days of a thriving industry and the other, a growing awareness of the environmental consequences from the world’s most destructive form of energy—documentarian Michael Bonfiglio presents a series of compelling stories that speak to what is at stake for our economy, health, and climate.

> Following the screening, a panel will convene to discuss the issues in the film:
Panelists: Jon Kamen, Radical Media; Mark Kresowik, Eastern Region Deputy Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign; Theresa Ward, Deputy County Executive and Commissioner, Suffolk County Economic Development and Planning
Moderator: Katherine Oliver

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