Views from Long Island, Spotlight
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Narrative Feature | USA | 2023 | English | 119 minutes

In her debut as a writer-director, actress Jennifer Esposito (''Blue Bloods,'' SUMMER OF SAM, CRASH) brings late 1980s Staten Island to vivid life through the lens of Rose Larusso (Emily Bader), an inquisitive young girl who discovers her father (Domenick Lombardozzi) is an emerging mafia kingpin. Rose’s growing desire to break free from the path set before her soon threatens her existence and alienates her from her closest allies: her mother (Esposito) and sister (Odessa A’zion). Smart, thrilling, and nuanced, FRESH KILLS turns the classic mob movie inside out, shining a light on the stories of the women operating within mafia life and the fear, violence and rage that dictate who they become.


FRESH KILLS screens as part of both the Spotlight and Views From Long Island programs.
Scheduled to attend: Jennifer Esposito, Leslie Owen, Samantha Sprecher, Christine Crokos

The 10/10 screening of this film is accessible to those with auditory impairments. Learn more.

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