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Documentary Feature | UK | 2019 | English | 114 minutes

More than half a century removed from its status as a leading force in the U.S. manufacturing industry, the city of Flint, Michigan, has now become synonymous with a water crisis forcing a national spotlight on issues of economic depression and water treatment in the Midwest. Narrated by Alec Baldwin and directed by HIFF alum Anthony Baxter (YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED, A DANGEROUS GAME), FLINT reveals how the city’s life-threatening water crisis has gradually evolved into a crisis of accountability and trust in authorities, a battle between science and pseudoscience, and an institutionalized failure in local infrastructure. Looking at not only the crisis itself, but the enduring issues of partisan politics and environmental resources on which it continues to shed light, FLINT is an illuminating look at a modern American tragedy.

Followed by a panel discussion about the issues explored in the film.

 Panelists: director Anthony Baxter, Richard Phinney, Kevin McAllister, Sara J. Meyland, Michelle Amelia Newman

 Moderator: Nicole Delma