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Narrative Feature | Poland/UK/Italy | 2022 | Polish/English/French/Italian | 88 minutes

Inspired by Robert Bresson’s timeless classic AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, the latest film from auteur director Jerzy Skolimowski is an existential exploration of modern life in Europe told through the eyes of its unlikely protagonist, EO the donkey. EO’s various encounters with people and places take us on a mesmerizing and thought-provoking odyssey encapsulating the life of a humble creature. A modern fable, EO contends with humanity at its kindest and most tender, as well as its proclivity for cruelty and suffering. Winner of the Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, EO is a visually audacious examination of innocence and the natural world. This Sideshow/Janus Films release is Poland’s official selection for Best International Feature at the Academy Awards.

• Immediately following the screenings, Kim Elger, Assistant Executive Director of the world’s leading donkey rescue organization, the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Texas, will join us for a brief talkback with the audience.

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East Hampton Regal UA

Jan 01