Documentary Feature | 95 minutes

HIFF 2017

 Air Land & Sea

Directed by
Richard Dale, Lixin Fan, Peter Webber

Produced by
Stephen McDonogh

Written by
Frank Cottrell Boyce, Richard Dale

Robert Redford

2017 | English | UK

Narrated by Robert Redford and co-directed by Academy Award® nominee Peter Webber and BAFTA winner Richard Dale, EARTH: ONE AMAZING DAY takes us on a breathtakingly immersive voyage across the continents—revealing our planet’s natural wonders and unique animal behavior, and reminding us of its increasing vulnerability. Over the course of a single day, the filmmakers travel across the globe, following the sun from the highest peaks to far-flung islands and exotic jungles. Along the way, we spend time with animals ranging from the white-headed langur monkeys in the mountains of southwestern China to a colony of chinstrap penguins in the Antarctic Ocean, illuminating the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet on an epic and sprawling scale.