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First US Special Screening

Narrative Feature | USA | 2022 | English/Korean | 138 minutes

Based on the best-selling book by Adam Makos, J.D. Dillard’s awe-inspiring new feature is an aerial war epic inspired by the real-life stories of two elite US Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War. The first African American pilot to graduate from Navy training, Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors, DA 5 BLOODS) faces racist hostility in a recently desegregated military. In the face of great danger and uncertainty, he forms a deep bond with fellow aviator Tom Hundner (Glen Powell, TOP GUN: MAVERICK). With outstanding performances and jaw-dropping cinematography, DEVOTION is an unforgettable tale of friendship and courage. A Sony Pictures Entertainment release.

• Q&A with director JD Dillard, lead actress Christina Jackson, and producer Rachel Smith following the October 9 screening