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East Coast Premiere

Documentary Feature | USA | 2023 | English | 74 minutes

In 1933, as German modern artists were increasingly persecuted by the rising Nazi Party, painter Paul Klee escaped to Switzerland, where a mysterious disease wreaked havoc on his body and profoundly changed his artwork. After being diagnosed with the same rare and life-threatening disease, now known as systemic scleroderma, artist and aspiring director Ken August Meyer begins working on ANGEL APPLICANT, which becomes an unforgettable, yearslong undertaking. In this SXSW award-winning documentary, Meyer takes audiences on a humorous and affecting journey through Klee’s colorful and expressive work, while at the same time gaining powerful insights as he faces his own mortality.


Scheduled to attend: Ken August Meyer, Jason Roark
Both screenings are accessible to those with auditory impairments. Learn more.

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