Film Guide 2018


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 143 min Turning his attention away from the large-scale institutions that have defined his work for much of the past decade, legendary documentarian Frederick Wiseman aims his camera towards the residents o …

Directed by Frederick Wiseman


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 87 min Academy Award® winner Barbara Kopple’s latest documentary explores the ramifications of a horrific crime that shook the small town of Mansfield, Ohio. In 1990, 12-year-old Collier stepped onto th …

Directed by Barbara Kopple


2018 Short Films | documentary short | 14 min Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell seeks to better understand his emotionally distant late father through the objects he left behind—starting with his tawdry collection of 1980s VHS pornography.

Directed by Charlie Tyrell

Narrative Competition Award Winners (2018)

2018 Narrative Competition | narrative feature | tbd min Discover thrilling new talent in our prestigious Competition section. Each year, the HIFF Awards honor emerging filmmakers from all over the world, representing cinema’s next wave of groundbreakin …

NEVER LOOK AWAY “Werk ohne Autor”

2018 World Cinema Narrative | narrative feature | 188 min US Premiere Inspired by real events and spanning three eras of German history, NEVER LOOK AWAY tells the story of a young art student, Kurt (Tom Schilling) who falls in love with fellow student Ellie (Paula Bee …

Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

NON-FICTION “Doubles Vies”

2018 World Cinema Narrative | narrative feature | 108 min Internationally acclaimed French auteur Olivier Assayas (CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA, HIFF 2014) returns to the festival with this charmingly playful comedy. Facing both a rapidly changing industry and the …

Directed by Olivier Assayas


2018 Conflict & Resolution | documentary feature | 99 min New York Premiere Posing as a pro-jihadist photojournalist making a documentary on the Islamic Caliphate, Syrian filmmaker Talal Derki returns to his homeland, where he gains the trust of a radical Islamist family le …

Directed by Talal Derki


2018 Short Films | narrative short | 25 min East Coast Premiere A famous Romanian thespian is held hostage by an obsessive mother who puts all other stage moms to shame.

Directed by Andrei Huțuleac

ONE DAY “Egy nap”

2018 Narrative Competition | narrative feature | 99 min US Premiere 40-year-old Anna (Zsofia Szamosi) has defined her life by being dependable. While working diligently to take care of her three children, she increasingly pushes the growing distance between her and …

Directed by Zsófia Szilágyi


2018 Shorts Program | narrative short | 8 min New York Premiere With the unwavering support of her humble father, an ambitious young girl dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Directed by Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth


2018 Views From Long Island | narrative short | 12 min World Premiere Set against the backdrop of an unforgiving Montauk winter, the lives of a fisherman and a writer intertwine as they attempt to navigate off-season loneliness.

Directed by Emily Anderson


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 96 min World Premiere Leaked by an anonymous source to journalists in 2015, The Panama Papers were an explosive collection of 11.5 million documents, exposing the use of secretive offshore companies to enable widespread …

Directed by Alex Winter


2018 World Cinema Narrative | narrative feature | 123 min Feeling the pressure of repeated failed attempts to have a child, middle-aged New York couple Rachel (Kathryn Hahn) and Richard (Paul Giamatti) seem to have run out of options when their step-niece …

Directed by Tamara Jenkins


2018 Spotlight | narrative feature | 106 min East Coast Premiere In an industry defined by those willing to place themselves in the midst of tremendous danger, photojournalist Marie Colvin (Academy-Award® nominee Rosamund Pike) distinguished herself as one of th …

Directed by Matthew Heineman


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 83 min Hidden away in a vault in Switzerland lies the professional archive of Mexico’s most renowned architect Luis Barragán, now fiercely protected by its sole owner, who has almost completely restrict …

Directed by Jill Magid


2018 Short Films | narrative short | 22 min New York Premiere Following a flirtatious encounter with two Dutch girls, Camille suddenly finds herself having to compete for the attention of her beloved older brother.

Directed by Kato De Boeck


2018 Spotlight | narrative feature | 119 min East Coast Premiere As the day’s activities wind down and library workers Stuart (Emilio Estevez) and Myra (Jena Malone) prepare to close for the day, a group of homeless patrons decide to stage an act of rebellion w …

Directed by Emilio Estevez

RAYMONDE OR THE VERTICAL ESCAPE “Raymonde ou l’évasion verticale”

2018 Shorts Program | narrative short | 17 min New York Premiere Raymonde, who has dutifully lived a life of solitude and chastity, can’t seem shake her sinful urges. More importantly, she may no longer want to…

Directed by Sarah Van Den Boom


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 80 min In 2012, the sleepy town of Steubenville, Ohio made international news when a whistle-blowing blogger discovered a series of disturbing online evidence documenting the sexual assault of a teenage gi …

Directed by Nancy Schwartzman


2018 Spotlight | narrative feature | 135 min Inspired by the early 1970s Mexico City of his childhood, celebrated auteur Alfonso Cuarón (GRAVITY, CHILDREN OF MEN, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN) returns with this semi-autobiographical look at a middle-cla …

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón


2018 Shorts Program | documentary short | 26 min World Premiere In Greensboro, NC, a small church community comes together to offer sanctuary to Juana Ortega, an asylum-seeking Guatemalan grandmother threatened with deportation after 25 years of living and worki …

Directed by Pilar Timpane, Christine Delp

SCHOOLYARD BLUES “Skolstartssorg”

2018 Shorts Program | narrative short | 17 min New York Premiere On the morning before the first day of school, a boy walks his younger brother through the harsh realities of both the schoolyard and the world beyond.

Directed by Maria Eriksson


2018 Air, Land & Sea | documentary feature | 84 min In the 1960s, five international scientists set out into the wilderness with an insatiable desire to learn more about the balance of life on earth— and, in the process, redefined our understanding …

Directed by Nicolas Brown


2018 Shorts Program | narrative short | 21 min New York Premiere Accompanying her parents to her very first dinner party, Marall warily observes the strange social rituals of adulthood and the consequences suffered by those who do not play along.

Directed by Jerry Carlsson


2018 World Cinema Documentary | documentary feature | 96 min Spending her days seeking refuge in zines, bootlegs, and American independent cinema, teenager Sandi Tan found herself among the first generation of Singapore’s burgeoning counterculture movement …

Directed by Sandi Tan