Narrative Feature | 93 minutes

Individual ticket sales begin 09/24/2018

Directed By
Eva Trobisch

Produced By
Trini Götze
David Armati Lechner

Written By
Eva Trobisch

Aenne Schwarz
Andreas Döhler
Hans Löw
Tilo Nest
Lisa Hagmeister
Lina Wendel

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US Premiere

2018 | German | Germany

When an encounter at her school reunion ends in an non-consensual sexual encounter, Janne’s immediate response is to use the same rationale that has driven much of her adult life: “If you don’t see any problems, you don’t have any.” But Janne’s silence soon creates deafening rifts with her partner, family, and co-workers that threaten to destroy the personal and professional relationships she’s worked so hard to maintain. Mesmerizingly led by Aenne Schwarz’s lead performance, debut filmmaker Eva Trobisch has crafted a nuanced and powerful look at the destructive instinct to refuse to define yourself as the victim.

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