Narrative Feature | 85 minutes

Individual ticket sales begin 09/24/2018

Directed By
Yen Tan

Produced By
Ash Christian

Written By
Yen Tan

Cory Michael Smith
Virginia Madsen
Michael Chiklis
Jamie Chung
Aidan Langford

Sponsored by

New York Premiere

2018 | English | USA

In the years since his departure, twenty-something Adrian (Cory Michael Smith) has long since left behind the speed and politics of his small Texas hometown. Returning to his family for his first Christmas in years, he finds himself torn between the desire to make the most of their time together and the need to tell them the real reason for his visit. Inspired by his award-winning short film of the same name, director Yen Tan’s 1985 is a nostalgia-tinged look at the lingering feelings left in the wake of leaving one’s hometown, and the awkward tension that comes with determining how much of yourself you can still reveal to those you’ve left behind.

> Featuring Breakthrough Artist Cory Michael Smith