Film Guide 2018

Air, Land & Sea

Where the air, land and sea lure prominent visitors from around the world and our local residents feel nothing short of devout passion for our waters—HIFF is perfectly poised to bring to life this signature program dedicated to global issues of environmental conservation. Founded in 2016 with the goal to generate awareness around man-made environmental issues, this section fosters a deeper appreciation for our planet, and allow filmmakers and experts to share information and discuss solutions to the global problems which face us all today.

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2018 Air, Land & Sea | documentary feature | 90 min On the eve of its 60th Anniversary, Academy Award®-nominated director Rory Kennedy charts the history of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration with a look at its myriad contributions to …

Directed by Rory Kennedy

BLACK LINE “Ligne noire”

2018 Air, Land & Sea | documentary short | 11 min East Coast Premiere Ignoring the warnings broadcasted throughout her community, a woman defiantly drags a fishing net through the murky river.

Directed by Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi


2018 Air, Land & Sea | documentary feature | 80 min US Premiere In 2006, international drilling company Lapindo carelessly unleashed an unstoppable toxic mudflow into East Java—burying dozens of nearby villages and displacing tens of thousands of Indonesians i …

Directed by Cynthia Wade, Sasha Friedlander


2018 Air, Land & Sea | documentary feature | 84 min In the 1960s, five international scientists set out into the wilderness with an insatiable desire to learn more about the balance of life on earth— and, in the process, redefined our understanding …

Directed by Nicolas Brown